"Emotion is achieved through a perfect harmony between our senses"

Perfect harmony

We see an emotion as a perfect harmony between all our senses. Finding the right light design starts with a dialog, a conversation during which we listen to you. Our key question is always the same
which emotion do you want to stir and trough which senses?
Thanks to our original approach we can create the right atmosphere in literally any room that will allow you to obtain the desired customer experience.

light emotion2

winkel design

Showcase your product

Showcasing your music, product or art craft is essential. In order to develop light design that will make all the pieces come together we work very closely with the artist, the designer and/or the architect. Creating this perfect harmony enables you to captivate your audience and make them part of the story that you are telling them.
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The proof is in
the pudding.

We gladly make a photorealist 3D pre-visualition for you. Thanks to our in-house Capture studio we can make your show beforehand and when repetition time is limited we can even program your whole show in advance.

light design 3D


Your project from A to Z

With our in-house projectmanagement department we can support your project from design to build-up to clean-up.

For more information check our Event Management department.