Event Management = time management, technology management, human resources management and cost management.

These 4 elements are the pillars of event management, use them correctly and managing your event becomes easy and fun. In order to make your event successful in a cost-efficient way, TECside always focusses on these 4 pillars


We provide event management support from A to Z, our work starts with the design and ends with the cleanup. We accompany you every step of the way so you can enjoy your event in a carefree way.
Do you just need an on-site coordinator or do you need help with the entire concept, are you clueless on how and where to start?


TECside guides you through all stages.

Before the event, thanks to our in-house top-nogde technical expertise and creativity, we provide the tools to realise your dreams.

"Impossible n'est pas Belge."

During the event, we provide several services to take away the burden of technicalities, so you can focus on what really matters, your guests.

After the event, we cleanup and provide the necessary follow-up.


Event management shouldn't be difficult if you work with the right partner.


_TECside, Event Management made easy.